Hong Kong has been one of history’s most successful incubators for entrepreneurs.  Our goal with this program will be to help sustain and enhance that culture, enabling the next generation of digital innovators in Hong Kong.
- Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt
We are pleased to become a key partner of Google to create a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem in Hong Kong; encourage students and young entrepreneurs to innovate, think big; and connect to the global community of entrepreneurs.
- CUHK Vice-Chancellor Professor Joseph Sung
The Internet creates opportunities that make it easy for entrepreneurs to start new businesses, for small businesses to grow, and for all businesses to increase productivity. It’s easier than ever to go from a start-up in a garage to a “micro-multinational” with global reach. Hong Kong's well-developed infrastructure, free flow of information and ideas, and entrepreneurial spirits provide an ideal environment in which innovations can be unleashed.
Google and The Chinese University of Hong Kong partner to boost entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, with the launch of “Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program (EYE Program)” aiming to empower young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. This one-year program will help students and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to innovate and connect with the global community, and include:
  1. An mentorship program designed with CUHK; this will give entrepreneurs in Hong Kong access to mentors that can often be hard to reach in Hong Kong.
  2. A sponsored trip for outstanding program participants to Google headquarters in Mountain View, U.S. to meet and connect with experts in the global community; and
  3. Efforts to help young entrepreneurs overcome the startup costs and isolation that come with high rents and a fragmented entrepreneurship community.

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The EYE program consists of two parts:

  • Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurial TrainingFrom February to April/ May, 2014

    Eligible applicants will be invited to join the Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurial Skills Training. There will be a series of workshops, seminars and mixer gatherings. With the facilitation by experienced trainers or entrepreneurs, participants will learn how to build a scalable business model or prototype product & service, and most importantly, multi-disciplinary skill sets and thinking. Topics will be covering business model and planning, creativity and innovation, coding, understanding customers and users, etc. Participants will also learn and use technology products including Google Drive, YouTube, Google+ and so on. Participants will embrace the smart way of using technology to collaborate, share, and boost their businesses and ideas.

    Upon completion of the pre-mentorship training, participants will work as individuals or teams* on their ideas or business proposals. Selected teams will be invited to pitch their ideas, business plans and/or prototypes in front of a panel of experienced judges to secure a place in the mentorship program.

    * All team members must be eligible successful applicants in the program. Any change on team members during the program period is not allowed.

  • Mentorship: From May to October/ November, 2014
    Participants will become Mentees of the intensive mentorship program, and receive a series of in-depth and intensive training. Each team will be assigned an experienced  mentor, who will provide strategic advice and mentorship. The mentors will advise the fine tune their business plans or proposals; provide guidance on time management and  milestones; and encourage the team to execute their plans with a systematic approach. During the Mentorship training, teams will have chances to meet with and pitch to experts and investors from different industries or locations. The teams will be benefited from the experiences and comments shared by investors, and get potential investment from them.

    Upon completion of the Mentorship training, Mentees will pitch their business or products to a panel of investors. Outstanding Mentees will be sponsored to visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View to connect with the global community of entrepreneurs and investors.

>> Application:

Interested Hong Kong students and young entrepreneurs can apply for the program by filling in the online form by January 20th, 2014. Eligible applicant must be*:
  1. A Hong Kong resident with a Hong Kong Identity Card who primarily lives, works and/or studies full-time in Hong Kong
  2. Between the ages of 18-35 (by January 20, 2014)
  3. Aspiring to start his/ her business in Hong Kong, or has started the Hong Kong based business within 5 years
*Remarks:  Application is on individual basis.  Eligible applicants will be informed and notified by email.

The Application is closed on January 21, 2014. No later application will be accepted. 

Confirmation email has been sent to successful applicants on Jan 27, 2014.


For enquiry, please email to: eyeprogram2014@gmail.com


Announcement by Eric Schmidt, Google and Prof. Joseph Sung, CUHK

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