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2021 Edventures GBA Summit: Think Big with EdTech

Join EdTech Summit and Get a Free Global EdTech Market Report

Join experts from around the world at the 2021 Edventures GBA Summit on 3 Nov (0930 - 1815 HKT) to learn the latest edtech trends and explore how:

  • technology can drive education innovation for all
  • edtech is transforming workforce development 
  • we can validate the efficacy of edtech solutions
  • private and philanthropic capital can be deployed to support edtech ventures
  • we can build a vibrant  education innovation ecosystem through cross-sector and cross-border partnerships

You will also learn the edtech market trends in China, Europe, India and the US, and receive a free edtech market report.
Twelve 2021 Edventures GBA Fellows will present their solutions. Check them out from this link. Matching services will be available if you are interested in partnership or investment opportunities with them.
The Summit is organised by the NGO Esperanza and co-created with Cyberport. Interested parties can attend either online or in-person. Admission is free, with an option to join the networking lunch at HK$50. For information and registration, please visit the Summit website. For enquiries, please contact Dezmond +852 9350 5548 or



請即參加11月3日 (香港時間:0930 - 1815) 舉行的「2021 全球教育科技峰會」。與來自世界各地的專家探討教育科技應用趨勢及以下主題:

  • 科技如何推動創新教育, 惠及所有階層
  • 員工培訓的新發展
  • 如何驗證教育科技方案的成效
  • 融合商業和慈善資本支持教育科技企業發展
  • 通過跨界別和國際合作,建立蓬勃的創新教育生態系統


12 家教育科技企業將展示他們的方案。如果您有興趣與他們建立合作關係或探討投資機會,主辦機構可提供配對服務。請按這裡了解它們。

是次活動由非政府組織薯片叔叔共創社主辦,數碼港為共創夥伴。您可以以在線形式或親自到數碼港參加,備有英語廣東話即時傳譯。峰會免費入場,您同時可選擇以50港元參加交流午餐,詳情及報名請登入網站。如有查詢,請聯絡 Dezmond +852 9350