Congratulations to Alchemist Creations and their student team for winning in Nurturing Social Minds 2018 Fall Cohort!

Nurturing Social Minds Programme - Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment (2018 Fall Cohort) MGNT6020E was brought to a successful conclusion with the generous support of the Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). Congratulations to the winning team and its Social Venture Partner – Alchemist Creations for winning HKD250,000 to execute the business proposal!

This MBA course is a practicum helping the students to apply the entrepreneurial principles with the aim to bring social, environmental as well as economic benefits to the society. The student teams are equipped with knowledge and tools in social entrepreneurship and management consulting, so that they can be effective social business consultants for the social venture partners (“SVP”). The team presented their recommendations to help their SVPs to solve the real life business challenges at the of the course. The SVP of the student team with the best plan, Alchemist Creations won HKD250,000 to implement the ideas proposed by the students.

Acknowledgement to the Judges

ParaDM Co., Ltd
Antony PANG
Deputy Executive Director
The Neighborhood Advice-action Council
Eugenia LO
Project Advisor
​List of Social Venture Partner Organisations
Alchemist Creations
Alchemist Creations is a community-based design company upcycling aluminium cans into timepieces and lighting products. The company partners with Christian Family Service Centre to create training and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged. Attaching great importance to the overall system design, Alchemist Creations works with trainees and tutors at the workshop to design products and arrange suitable production procedures. This is to serve the purpose of enabling customers to appreciate trainees’ exquisite craftsmanship from the products, thus achieving the goal of “Turn Neglect Into Shine”. Wristwatches produced by Alchemist Creations are now available at the HKTDC Design Gallery and Autoshop, as well as European markets including Italy, the Netherlands and Germany.
Generation is a global youth employment program that helps provide young adults with the opportunity to launch successful careers and change their life trajectories. Generation is the first program of the, a non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company, it has been running for 3 years in 5 countries and is now expanding into Hong Kong where it will launch the first programme in 2018.   The Generation program is a 5-8-week training course for youth. The program offers students integrated technical, behavioural & mind-set skill training, social services and mentorship. The program aims to make a distinctive impact on the employer organization through improved productivity, better retention and a host of other factors.
Rubber Boy Academy
Rubber Boy Academy is a social enterprise which aims to use edutainment videos – “New Format, New Perspective” to promote sign language and its unique culture. We wish to enrich the imagination of sign language in mainstream community via promoting the application of sign language in different communication settings and community groups in a fun and engaging way. Ultimately, to foster a world with awareness and social concern where hearing impaired person and elderlies with weak hearing will no longer be socially excluded.
Zunosaki Limited
Zunosaki develops affordable robotic device for elderly and disabled to enhance their muscle strength, retain muscle mass and improve motor function without actually going to therapists. Elderly will reach 30% of the population in 20 years’ time, and aged related diseases such as stroke and dementia will surge with the aging population. Strength training exercise is good for health but most equipment was not designed for the elderly. Smart robotic training equipment provides precise movement and force measurement, suitable for wide range of elderly and patients.