Congratulations to RABI and their student team for winning in Nurturing Social Minds 2019-20 Term 1

Nurturing Social Minds Programme - Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment (2019-20 Term 1) MGNT6020E was brought to a successful conclusion with the generous support of the Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). Congratulations to the winning team and its Social Venture Partner – Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention (RABI) for winning HKD250,000 to execute the business proposal!

The course is a practicum in which the students will learn some new skills as well as combine them with the existing body of knowledge, and then apply it into consulting the social venture partners (“SVP”). The team presented their recommendations to help their SVPs to solve the real life business challenges at the end of the course. The SVP of the student team with the best plan, RABI won HKD250,000 to implement the ideas proposed by the students.

Acknowledgement to the Judges

ParaDM Co., Ltd

Antony PANG
Deputy Executive Director
The Neighborhood Advice-action Council

Eugenia LO
Project Advisor

​List of Social Venture Partner Organisations

DeepHealth 智能健
DeepHealth are backed-up by an interdisciplinary research team of academic professors from the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, longing to promote the knowledge translation from academic findings to society. Focus on developing innovative, technological solutions that solve health-related problems. Deephealth developed a mobile application- ScreenMat. The platform is a health screening platform which can match with the customized, evidence-based non-pharmacological interventions with the aim of health improvement.

Studio Doozy Limited
Studio Doozy is a healthcare and lifestyle design studio that designs all-inclusive, accessible and beautiful solutions for the silver age community. Current products for the ageing community, often make the home feel like a hospital and make users feel that they are "different". One of Studio Doozy's first endeavour is to commercialise Libue, a toilet for restricted mobility users. Libue has been featured in Forbes, CNN Style, South China Morning Post among others. The project was awarded the winner of the Hong Kong league of the James Dyson Award in 2015 and the Innovating for Good Award from South China Morning Post in 2017.

Robot for Autism Behavioral Intervention (RABI)
RABI is a robot-based gesture intervention programme for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Hong Kong. This evidence-based curriculum covers a wide range of social and behavioral skills: including self-care, making requests, daily life vocabularies, emotional understanding and expressions, conversation, narration, and role-plays, that cater to the diverse learning needs of students with ASD with varying abilities.
The social robots robot is designed to use its cameras, microphones and sensors to record the child’s facial expressions and body language as they interact. Controllers can use a computer to carry out all preset training programmes and children can be trained at any time and locations, which is suitable for schools and non-profit organizations.

Sweet Home Psychological Wellness Centre Limited: OIC
Sweet Home aims to provide at an affordable price psycho-education and psychotherapy services, such as experiential creative arts, music and play therapy, to underprivileged children with emotional problems or special educational needs. The services will be delivered by a team of internationally certified therapists.
Apart from offering services in a playroom centre, it will refurbish a van to turn it into a mobile playroom to reach out to target children living in remote areas. Children with different needs will join the play therapy workshops in the mobile playroom to unleash their inner strengths and enhance their capabilities in coping with difficulties. Experiential workshops and talks for parents, caregivers and teachers will be conducted to enable them to better understand the difficulties the children face.