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Flying Milk Tea

Flying Milk Tea is a Chinese online platform that integrates creative work submission, social media, and online merch store. It will be the world’s first Chinese creations submission website with a social media section and the first website in the whole world with the “Adversarial Neural Cryptography” to protect creators’ copyrights. With the Guerrilla Marketing promotion strategy, we can attract millions of teenagers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. We are developing new markets and providing a better environment for them to create better artwork. In the future, we will actively promote cross-media creation and show the value of Chinese creations to the world.

In recent years, the trend of combining novels and illustrations are popular among young people and has been developing on suitable platforms in other countries. However, in Chinese society, the potential and popularity of such creations are seriously underestimated. Therefore, with the mission of cultivating high-quality works, lowering the threshold for creating, and creating a good environment for creation, Flying Milk Tea came into being.

The combination of novels, illustrations, and social platforms can not only increase the attractiveness of works but to help promote creators and their works. With our Guerrilla Marketing strategy, users can easily create quality works and be in touch with each other on a single platform. Meanwhile, creators can earn substantial returns through donations, pricing their works, and selling on our tailor-made merch selling systems, as a motivation for creating better works. In the beginning, we will attract users from campuses and interest groups. We have already had the attention of local and Taiwanese creators. We have also established plans for long-term cooperation with student groups of six universities in Hong Kong. Besides, since we have the technical skills of using natural language processing and AI to predict the change of preferences through user data, we have been favored by many professional writers and artists, and invited to discuss sponsorship and publicity issues with Taiwanese publishers.

The future development of Flying Milk Tea will not be limited in Hong Kong. We aim at growing our business in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. We will not limit ourselves to publishing novels and illustrations. We believe that cross-media cooperation can bring our creations to more people. Flying Milk Tea will create a vibrant and sustainable Chinese creation community.

Although Flying Milk Tea's website launched less than 1 year ago, it has become one of the most popular cultural trading platforms in Hong Kong. There are over 500 creators, 2000 products for sale and 15000 users from all over the world. We are going to create the largest "Cultural Ecosphere" in Chinese society and the largest cultural trading network between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Now, we have been accepted by a Taiwan accelerator program, and we are ready to set up a branch office in Taiwan. In the near future, we are planning to set up 2 offline shops for selling the physical goods from creators and working as pick-up points. One will be in Hong Kong, and the other one will be in Taipei.

"A Startup Team Thriving to Success" - Flying Milk Tea Winning Team Induction Video


Mr. CHAN Pak Kei (CUHK Alumni)

Team Member

Miss. YIP Ching Lam (CUHK Alumni)

Mr. YUEN Shing Hei Robin (CUHK Alumni)

Mr. TSE Kin Fai (CUHK Alumni)



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