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3.8 million of children per year suffer from concussions in USA during sports and recreational activities. It was reported that 50% of the child concussions are not reported. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as any damage affecting the brain function resulting from non-penetrating loading of the contact and non-contact position. One is primary damage which is occurred due to mechanical factors (i.e. impact) and occurs immediately at the moment of injury.

The primary injury is essentially an irreversible event that warrants preventive measures such as wearing of protective helmets, seatbelts, etc. The signs and symptoms of TBI is very common in our daily life, therefore it is easy to overlook and miss the golden time to get a proper treatment by consulting with a doctor. It is especially challenging for infants and children to communicate concussion symptoms with doctors or guardians. Moreover, Secondary injury delays in symptoms development for a period of hours to days after the impact. This delayed pathophysiological cascade is believed to result from a combination of pathological factors including apnoea (i.e. raspatory failure) and hypoxia.

Also, the long term repetitive concussion results in severe depression, suicidal behavior, permanent neurocognitive impairment and learning disorder. Therefore, it raises a necessity to have a device which helps to report the concussion to guardians as a preventive measure for unreported concussion. The proposed product is a Gelpro which is a headband that can subjectively report concussions by pressure measurement and mainly a preventive measure for primary damage of TBI. For example, a user decides to participate in a sports activity. The user can wear the product as a wearable protective gear to prevent the repeated or unreported concussion. The gel pressure sensor incorporated headband will measure and record the impact throughout the event. The mechanism of the sensor is based on the metal ion transport principle which generates electrical signals to force applied accordingly. When the gel is contracted by the impact / pressure, the metal-ions are concentrated in the center and shows lower resistance. This metal-ion transportation allows resistance measurement based on applied impact or pressure. If the user has a concussion during the activity, the headband will subjectively report to guardian which works as a primary protective gear and further prevents traumatic brain injuries.

Thus, our product’s major beneficiaries will be children and young athletes who need monitoring from the potential risk of TBI. Currently, only one competitor is in the market under a purpose of prevention in traumatic brain injury (TBI). A company called “Tozuda” which produces head impact sensor for American Football. However, the product is not accessible for non-professionals as they provides an impact sensor for professional or semi-professional players’ protective gear. Also, their impact sensor is bulky which is not applicable in a wearable setting and requires a professional gears like helmet. Thus, Gelpro, a wearable and accessible protective gear, is here to solve a need to protect child’s developing brain and avoid any psychological repercussion later in life.



Miss. OH Ji Won (CUHK)

Team Member

Mr. LEE Jak Lum Alson (CUHK)

Mr. LOU Kuan Wen (CUHK)