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Just A Moment


Just A Moment is on the missions to

1. Encourage help-seeking behaviour of sufferers with mood disturbances and enhance their awareness and knowledge towards their mental status

2. Provide a holistic and effective mental health services platform

3. Revolutionize conventional psychological services with the integration of cutting-edge technology

Our goal is to enable the growing millions of citizens with mild to moderate mental health needs to acquire prompt, professional, optimal and affordable online psychological services.

The Problems - Why need us?

61% of Hong Kong adults currently suffer from poor mental well-being and about 1,000,000 people in HK developed a common mental disorder in their lifetime. However, 74% of them do not seek any form of professional help because of stigma, lack of awareness, financial burden etc.

Even for those who are willing to seek help, there are still various service problems.

In the public sector, there is a huge service gap that patients need to wait for 64 weeks on average for services in public hospitals.

In the private sector, the medication from psychiatrists or psychotherapy conducted by clinical psychologists costs the patient for around $1500 - $2000 EACH session, which is definitely a heavy financial burden to the sufferers. Moreover, there may also have unqualified practice in the market as the government has not yet enacted the registration policy for psychotherapists at the moment.

The Solution - What we do to solve the problems?

1. Psychoeducation – We are now running our own psychoeducation page delivering psychology knowledge and mental health information on Instagram & Facebook (@justamomenthk) with more than 40K fan base. We have received a lot of positive feedback from the audience mentioning how our content helps them know more about themselves, feel more positive and be more aware of their mental status.

2. Mental Consultation Service Platform –

We want to develop a platform that allows the sufferers to get mental consultation/counselling services online. This provides an easier and more convenient way for them to seek help without the fear of internal or external stigma, encouraging them to take the first step of help seeking.

We can link up with the idle resources of psychological therapists, counsellors and counselling psychologists, who are also able to deliver psychotherapy and deal with mental disturbances. The cost of the therapists for a session can range from $200 to $800, which is much more affordable to the sufferers.

On the other hand, we can also scrutinize the quality and reliability of therapists by following the criteria of the local authoritative counselling or psychology organizations, namely HKPS, HKPCA and APCPA, so as to make sure the therapists on our platform have been professionally trained in accredited tertiary institutions and follow the code of ethics enacted by the association.

All in all, our main direction will focus on promoting self-awareness of their mind and mental status, prevention and early intervention of possible mood disorders, which in turns enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of the public.



Miss. POON Hoi Lam (CUHK Alumni)

Team Member

Miss. NG Man Hey (HKUST)