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Mr. LEUNG Shing Chuen David

BSSc (Hons) (CUHK); MBA (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Honorary Project Director
(852) 3943-7542

In the 1980’s, Mr. David Leung held senior positions in a US Fortune 100 company and another German company responsible for pioneering the China market. From 1990 onward, Mr. David Leung have started many trading and manufacturing companies, including a factory in Canada, a factory in Tianjin, China and recently, an ecommerce shop at T-Mall.  The factory in Tianjin, Onyx Environmental Products, designs, manufactures and installs large-scale ultraviolet disinfection equipment for municipal wastewater plants. Onyx UV equipment is installed in the largest wastewater plant in China and disinfects more than 10% of treated wastewater in China.