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MGNT6020 Selected Topics in Business – Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment

The course this year has come to an end. Click here for the highlights! 


What is the course about…

Combining the innovative mindset with the application of entrepreneurial principles, mission-driven ventures could bring social, environmental as well as economic benefits to the society.

This course will equip the student with essential knowledge, practical tools as well as hands-on skills to be the business consultants for a real-life social venture partner. They will help these ventures to address the current problems, capture potential opportunities and get support from the eco-system to ensure sustainability of the business.

Featuring local and international industry leaders as guest speakers during the lectures, the students will learn from both academic and outstanding practitioners of the fields. The social venture working with the best group of students will receive funding to work on the proposed ideas.

This special course is open to Master’s program students and senior undergraduate students.  The course titled is MGNT6020 Selected Topics in Business –  Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment, bearing 3 credit units offered by the MBA Programmes.

Timeslot: Thursday 06:45PM - 10:00PM - 08 Sept - 24 Nov, 2016
Venue: Emerald Room, MBA Town Centre, Unit B, 1/F, Bank Of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Admiralty



Please register in the following form by 26 August 2016 (Fri) . Each application received will be reviewed in depth by our admission board. Successful applicants will be notified by email.