Congratulations to iBakery and their student team for winning in Nurturing Social Minds 2017-18 Fall Cohort!

Nurturing Social Minds Programme - Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment (2017-18 Fall Cohort) MGNT6020E was brought to a successful conclusion with the generous support of the Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). Congratulations to the winning team and its Social Venture Partner – iBakery for winning HKD250,000 to execute the business proposal!

This MBA course is a practicum helping the students to apply the entrepreneurial principles with the aim to bring social, environmental as well as economic benefits to the society. The student teams are equipped with knowledge and tools in social entrepreneurship and management consulting, so that they can be effective social business consultants for the social venture partners (“SVP”). The team presented their recommendations to help their SVPs to solve the real life business challenges at the of the course. The SVP of the student team with the best plan, iBakery, won HKD250,000 to implement the ideas proposed by the students.

Acknowledgement to the Judges

Wai Shing CHUNG
Honorary Secretary
Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises Limited (HKGCSE)
MentalCare Connect Co Ltd
ParaDM Co., Ltd
Nick LO
Crystal Properties
Timothy MA
Founding Executive Director
Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA)

List of Social Venture Partner Organisations

Direction Association for the Handicapped – Social Enterprise 路向社會企業
Direction encourages and promotes more employment opportunities for the severely physically disabled people in order to build up their confident, to live financial independently and to give them a chance to fulfill their duty as a community member who contributes to the society. They promote better relationship and communication between the disabled and non-disabled people through disabled people's working, thus participating and integrating with the community.
Hoholife is a stylish artisanal shop offering innovative and lifestyle products to the active senior citizens. Their collections are carefully handpicked from around the world - striving to deliver quality choices for their users to enable them to stay socially active and enjoy their lives joyfully with style and dignity. They aim to break stereotypes towards ageing and to create a more accepting and a positive age-embracing environment for our community.
iBakery trains and hires people with disabilities, and provides food & beverage services at the same time. They have their own baking factory, bakery, cookie shops, restaurant and snack kiosks, hoping to make all these aspects of them self-sustainable, while spreading fine aroma and great taste everywhere in Hong Kong.
Sharing Kitchen共廚家作
Sharing Kitchen aims to recruit the grassroots or middle-aged persons for food production by making use of the kitchens of six existing restaurants during non-peak hours. The food produced will be sold on-site. This project not only alleviates labour shortage of the restaurants and helps them develop new products and increase revenue, but also boosts the confidence of the grassroots and motivates them to work and earn a living.