Congratulations to Eldpathy and their student team for winning in Nurturing Social Minds 2016-17 Summer Cohort! | Center for Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to Eldpathy and their student team for winning in Nurturing Social Minds 2016-17 Summer Cohort!

Nurturing Social Minds Programme - Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment (Summer Cohort) MGNT6020W was brought to a successful conclusion with the generous support of the Yeh Family Philanthropy Limited and Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). Congratulations to the winning team and its Social Venture Partner – Eldpathy for winning HKD250,000 to execute the business proposal!

This MBA course is a practicum helping the students to apply the entrepreneurial principles with the aim to bring social, environmental as well as economic benefits to the society. The student teams are equipped with knowledge and tools in social entrepreneurship and management consulting, so that they can be effective social business consultants for the social venture partners (“SVP”). The team presented their recommendations to help their SVPs to solve the real life business challenges at the of the course. The SVP of the student team with the best plan, Eldpathy, won HKD250,000 to implement the ideas proposed by the students.

Acknowledgement to the Judges

Lydia LEE
Global Initiatives & Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation
Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation
Bee Leng CHUA
Center for Entrepreneurship 
WYNG43 Social Investment Company Limited
Chair and Chief Education Officer
Education for Good


List of Social Venture Partner Organisations

Comfort Me 樂柔美​
Comfort Me provides underwear products and services that are designed for women undergoing breast cancer treatment and rehabilitation. They aim at empowering women to gain control of their health by educating them about their body as well as how an ill-fitting bra will affect their health. By building community platforms and "experiential centers", they share the professional health knowledge and experience of underwear to women in different age range.
Eldpathy 歷耆者
Eldpathy offers “Elderly Simulation Program” to participants from secondary schools, universities and corporations etc. By putting on a specially designed suit, the participants will feel and experience different real life scenarios and hardship of an elderly. Via the program, they aim at developing understanding and empathy towards the elderly among young generation in a fun and interactive way.
MedEXO Robotics
MedEXO Robotics sets its goal on developing a multifunctional wearable robotic glove. They strive to relief symptoms of neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson's Disease, hence reduce the obstructions to patients' daily lives. The device is designed not only stabilises the wearer's arm by giving resistance and reducing involuntary tremors; but also provides an assistive force to support the wearer's intended movements.
SLCO Community Resources
SLCO Community Resources provides sign bilingual development programmes and professional services based on linguistic research and front-line service experience, to enhance the language, cognitive, communication and social abilities of those in need and to promote Sign Bilingualism (the use of both signed and spoken languages) in communication, education and social inclusion, with the goal of building a diversified and inclusive society without communication barriers.