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Entrepreneurship For Design & Creative Business

The “Entrepreneurship for Design and Creative Business” Workshopis jointly organ ised by the Hong Kong Design Centre and CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship to stretch the boundary of creative and design education in Hong Kong to respond to the rapidly changing business landscape. In the workshop, we try to address the fundamental issues related to managing a creative design business. As such, our workshop has distilled the core design management practices into 7 modules through which important business insights can be conveyed. On top of that, we have added a site visit component into our programme through which our participants will get to see how an acclaimed creative business works in real life.

Reference Material :
Entrepreneurship for Design & Creative Business 2009 Intake Booklet
Entrepreneurship for Design & Creative Business 2008 Autumn Intake Booklet
Entrepreneurship for Design & Creative Business 2008 Spring Intake Booklet

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由香港設計中心及中文大學創業研究中心合辦的「志在創業—設計與創意工業」工作坊,旨在於香港開拓更廣闊的創意及設計教育領域, 以期適應正在急速轉變的商業環境。 在這個工作坊裏,我們嘗試解決一些與管理創意及設計業務有關的根本問題。工作坊將核心的設計管理方法分為七個單元,藉此傳達重要的商業洞見。在這個基礎上,我們又加入了實地考察的部份,讓參加者了解一間備受讚譽的創作公司是如何運作的。

參考資料 :
「志在創業 – 設計與創意工業」2009課程《限量版專輯》
「志在創業 – 設計與創意工業」2008 秋季課程《限量版專輯》
「志在創業 – 設計與創意工業」2008 春季課程《限量版專輯》(英文)

詳細資料請瀏覽 香港設計中心