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Webinar: 如何籌資?中小企實用貼士

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Friday, April 29, 2011 - 21:30

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You may know how to sell a product, but do you know how to sell a business?
Some practical and simple tips can make your business stand out and win the fund raising campaign!

Most startups underestimate the cost of operation or overestimating the sales forecast, thus ceasing the business due to shortage of fund. A smart entrepreneur should be aware to prepare raising fund at the right time from the right people. We shall illustrate some practical tips of fund raising  with a case sharing by a startup entrepreneur during the webinar session. Hoping the participants can acquire the basic understanding and some practical skills and tips of fund raising exercise.

Mr. Mingles Tsoi            Project Director of CUHK Center for Entrepreneurship

Mr. Laurence Chan        Managinig Director of Hong Kong EV Power Limited


21:30 Steps of Fund Raising Process
21:45 Case sharing
22:00 Q & A
22:15 Essential Skills and Tips
22:25 Wrap-up and Conclusion

What's webinar:

Webinars are live learning seminars on the internet

  • real-time interaction, aided with on-line functions such as powerpoint, chat, etc. See Demo Video
  • one-click to access through a confirmation email
  • all content and interaction recorded for review

Webinars are held online, requiring internet access, a headset and a microphone.

For more information, please contact Miss Gu at (852) 2696 1691 or email

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