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Prof. ZEE Chung Ying Benny

Biostatistics, PhD (University of Pittsburgh)
Former Associate Director
(852) 3943-9689

Clinical Trials and Biostatistics
As Professor in Biostatistics, I have experience in Cooperate Group Cancer Clinical Trials Programme and multi-centre clinical trials design, data management, drug and medical device development, bioinformatics, quality of life, data & safety monitoring. Ample experience in working with industry to design and to carry out clinical trials that satisfy both academic interest and industry objectives.

Medical Device Development
Leverage on advanced biostatistics methods to bridge the gap between medical data and their application. An example is “automatic retinal imaging analysis (ARIA)” in which we are working on various indications including automatic screening of stroke, dementia, diabetic retinopathy (DR) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

We have developed a strong team of biostatisticians with expertise in various areas of bioinformatics. Especially in the area of bioinformatic methodology, infectious diseases modeling, cancer screening, and vaccine development. We also have expertise using AI and machine-learning technique for bioinformatic in digital Public Health applications.

Clinical Research Ethics
I have been the Chair of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee since 2006. Developed a number of systems to ensure patients and subjects involving in research are being protected and clinical research can continue to be developed with results that eventually become beneficial to the public. For example, Expedite Review, Serious Adverse Events (SAE) Review, Auditing, Listing of studies to comply Declaration of Helsinki, etc. We have also completely transformed into digital records for review and storage.

Published more than 250 international peer reviewed journal articles and serves in various committees including advisory committees for drug development, data & safety monitoring committees for international drug trials. Also serves in various grants panels and journal editorial bodies.