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EYE Program 2015 FAQ

  • Q: As stated in the application guideline, teams should apply with an established business/ high-potential business idea, and have completed groundwork and preferably have launched the business for at least one year. I have a written report on the business idea and have assembled a team. I would like to know what it means by "ground work" and whether I would be eligible to apply.
    A: Groundwork here means finishing some or have completed some tasks leading to running a business, including basic research and infrastructure building work, market & competitor research, team establishment, product/service development, business plan, prototyping, renting a space, buying equipment, negotiating with supplier or customer, applying for patent or trademark, etc. Launching the business for at least one year is not a must.
  • Q: Do we need to develop an application/ mobile apps at the end if my team is selected from online evaluation? 
    A: You are not required to develop an app or anything like that, unless this is the aim of your company. Note always that, teams are more likely to succeed if they are further down the startup pathway, other things being equal.
  • Q: My firm is an oversea startup, and just started building business in HK for a few months. Are we eligible to apply?
    A: All are welcome as long as your firm is in the process of overcoming uncertainties and taking risk to startup, but not executing orders or simply replicating an established model. The selection panel will make a final decision.
  • Q: It says that the YouTube video must be submitted by May 26, and that the video must have 200 likes by June 1. Are these YouTube likes, or likes on the EYE Program website where it would be posted? If we complete the video earlier, could we start collecting likes prior to May 26?
    A: You can upload the video once it's ready and start collect likes then. We will help promote all received videos via our Facebook and YouTube channel, and will count the video likes on YouTube.
  • Q: How much is the program fee? 
    A: The EYE Program 2015 is free of charge. 
  • Q: I can’t join the program this year due to exchange program and working plan. May I ask if the program will run next year? When will it start recruiting? Where can i attain information such as application dates?
    A: The program next year is yet to be revealed. You can send an email to us indicating your interest to join next year, then you will receive our related promotion email. Also, stay tuned with our updates and news on website and Facebook page.