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Stock picking made easy

Three postgraduate students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong's engineering faculty have completed a five- year project to create stock monitoring software.

The software, VMinder, collects news and recent information on the user's selected stocks. It will then decide whether to sell or buy the stock through the news content.

Wu Di, chief executive of VMinder Inc, said the program has a 70 percent accuracy in its prediction on whether to sell or buy the stock.

VMinder can also arrange the order of the news based on its importance by pointing out the key words.

The program has been an ongoing project for PhD students Hou Wenting, Wu and Pan Qi along, with Professor Jeffrey Xu Yu.

"We have contacted Guosen Securities in Shenzhen and they showed an interest in using VMinder,'' Hou said.

She said the team is still working on the final touches of the program and should be done by early September.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
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The Standard 英文虎報