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My Founding Story - Co-founder and CEO of Homecourt

"My Founding Story" is an event series brings together the most inspiring founders, investors, and change-makers in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. These community events are where Hong Kong founders can get connected, get support from others, be mentored and learn from each other.

We’re excited to bring you our next "My Founding Story" coming up this fall.

On November 7, we’ll be hosting a fireside chat with David Lee, co-founder and CEO of Homecourt, an AI startup invested by the NBA. HomeCourt is now used by players and teams in 100 countries around the world, including NBA teams Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, etc.

David is born and raised in Hong Kong. You will learn more about his journey growing up in Hong Kong and how he realized his entrepreneurial dream by building his first company called EditGrid and later on got acquired by Apple. There’ll be a lot of cool stories and lessons to learn from. Come and learn from David.