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Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2012 Final Result Announced

Organized by the Center for Entrepreneurship of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) is the foremost inter-collegiate social venture business competition in Hong Kong to help turn creative business ideas into meaningful and sustainable commercial ventures that promote social good. 

The Final Results of HKSEC 2012 has been announced. For more details, please visit HKSEC website at:


Results of HKSEC 2012





Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : Eldpathy

Best Social Mission : 豐剩衛食兵團


Category Awards

Award for Enterprise Value : Harmonia

Award for Enterprising Design : Alchemist

Award for Financial Sustainability : 善融行動

Award for .hk Online Presence : 文宣學社


Six Finalist Teams



Happy Action





Awards For Semi-Final

Group A

Best Presentation : 豐剩衛食兵團

Group B

Best Presentation : eclo

Group C

Best Presentation : Dhobi

Group D

Best Presentation : Inno-Chemos (International) Technology


24 Semi Finalist Teams

Alchemist Mobile Farming
Biomass Briquettes Oases
Dhobi Regeneración(再生子)
eclo Seeds for Change
Eldpathy Sunshine
Hairy Tale Teach it forward
Happy Action TRAnSH
Harmonia Tutor for good
i.Love 留守兒童守護天使計劃 Xingergy Environmental and Energy Technologies
Inno-Chemos (International) Technology 善融行動
Lensational 文宣學社
maGAPzine 豐剩衛食兵團