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Results of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2011

The Grand Final of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge (HKSEC) 2011 was held on 25 February 2012. Congratulations to our Champion Teams - Oops! and Woof, and other awardees of the Semi Final and Grand Final!

The two HKSEC 2011 Champion Teams, Oops! (left) and Woof (right).


Other awardees include:

Six Finalist Teams

Caterpillar Travel
Healthcare Et Cetera
Smart Tech


Awards for Grand Final

Best Presentation : Woof
Best Social Mission : Healthcare Et Cetera

Awards For Semi-Final

Group A

Best Presentation : Caterpillar Travel
Best Written Plan : Honey B.

Group B

Best Presentation : 延 ‧ 亮
Best Written Plan : ReWardrobe

Group C

Best Presentation : Smart Tech
Best Written Plan : Smart Tech

Group D

Best Presentation : Rooftop Studio
Best Written Plan : Eco$ave


Category Awards

Award for Creative Design : Eco$ave
Award for Enterprise Value : 我的樽,我的Drink
Award for Sustainability : Eco$ave
Award for Technology : Healthcare Et Cetera