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CUEA Happy Hour Series 2nd Round - Know About Gin Talk About Entrepreneurship

對酒當歌,人生幾何?好酒不一定源自外國,本土品牌也值得支持。Two Moons Distillery乃由兩位對手工釀Gin酒充滿熱誠的八十後年輕中大人創辦,是香港首間Gin酒蒸餾廠。創辦人透過蒐集來自世界各地的天然草本植物,創造出獨一無二、純香港製造的頂級Gin酒。是次,我們將邀請Two Moons Distillery的創辦人Mr. Ivan Chang分享其創業的經驗,也鼓勵大家多發掘生活樂趣,將生活的熱情融入創業的道路,不負大好韶華。

Cyberport Recruitment Talk: Cultivating Innovators on Entrepreneurship and Shaping Your Career Development

Career Development and Entrepreneurship is one of the hottest topic nowadays. Sharing with the common vision, Cyberport believes the importance of nurturing and educating the youngsters about design thinking, innovation, creativity, hybrid professional in technology and business etc… so as inspire students and pave the way for their future development is significant.

A new round of recruitment talk* on “Cultivating Innovators on Entrepreneurship and Shaping Your Career Development” will be conducted for CUHK students and alumni to understand more about the following:

Pi Centre - Insights on Silicon Valley Innovation Ecosystem

Speaker: Ms. Elsie Tsui, Director of InnoLead Consulting & PT lecturer of CUHK Business School

Pi Centre - Expert Talk on Crisis Management

Speaker: Mr. Bing Chung Lo, Founder of Brothers and Sisters in Christ Foundation in HK

Pi Centre - Entrepreneur Corner: Moonzen Brewery

Speaker: Laszlo & Michele, Co- founder of Moonzen Brewery
Language: Cantonese & English
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